Chicago // Post-Rock // Doomgaze

Rocket Miner is proud to rejoin the aural assault of the Chicago music scene with their return from hiatus. While staying true to the colossal atmospheric guitar sounds and dynamic beats they are known for, Rocket Miner is now embracing a darker tone. Crushing bass and haunting vocals add a welcome miasma to the landscape that the band has created with their extensive post-rock repertoire. Blinding hope and punishing despair highlight the group’s boundless resonance as they lilt somewhere in the interstice between beauty and ruin.








Rocket Miner - Songs for an October Sky (Remastered) Album Artwork
Rocket Miner - The Long Goodbye Album Artwork
Rocket Miner - Elegy Album Artwork


Night Shade

Recorded at DZ Records, February 2023

Dual Divide

Recorded at DZ Records, February 2023

In Extremis

Video directed by : Irv22, April 2018

Soul Catcher

Visualizer created by Chuck Clybourne, Written & recorded remotely during COVID-19 quarantine isolation in 2020


Visualizer created by Chuck Clybourne, October 2021

It’s The End Of The World (But This Is Just The Beginning)

Video Directed by Jeffrey Moore of Axtravaganza Films, Additional footage by Gary M. Schultz and Rob Stern, April 2012